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…Because I will be updating that website a lot more than this one.

(PS, new EditorOfText release available at swinginnovations.com  )

EditorOfText release

I released the text editor i mentioned a while back. I released it at swinginnovations.com, so go there to check it out.

Swing Innovations

I just co-founded Swing Innovations with DanqueDynasty!

Head on over to swinginnovations.com for more info!

Working on a TextEditor

I’m currently working on a text editor program (this time with a GUI).

So far I’ve got working “save”, “save as”, “new”, “open”, “copy”, “cut”, and “paste” functions. The display has a clean menu bar and a JTextArea with scrollPanes.

No release yet, working out some bugs.

JohnnyjinkleBundle 2.0

A one-stop download for all my programs.

Since version 1.0, these programs have been updated/added:






PassGen 1.3


– added save functionality